"Nice to meet you today, Hope to see you again"start from 11/6

“Nice to mice you today, hope to see you again” is one of the series exhibition that Enjoy - Museum helds  for university graduates held annually, and this year is the second exhibition of this series.  Over 80 graduates participate in this exhibition and they are graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts, Academy of Fine arts of Florence, Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, Minzu University of China Academy of fine arts, Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, Renmin University of China School of Arts, Central Academy of Drama, Communication University of China, College of Fine Arts, Capital Normal University, Chinese National Academy of Arts. Enjoy – Museum always concerns about the ideas and culture of young people, and wishes to provide a platform for young people to display and express through various forms of exhibitions and activities.

Nice to mice you today,
hope to see you again

The Second Undergraduate Graduation Exhibion

Organizer: Enjoy · Art Museum
Producer: Wang Feiyue
Academic Support: Zhang Zikang
General Curator: Cheng Xi


Bai Yueyu / Chen Mo / Chen Yanchen / Chenggeer / Chiara Gasbarro / Tong Chuai / Dilnazar / Ding Xinyao /  Haosheng / Franco Spina / Giacomo Donati / Jesse / Wenjing /  Guo Hui / Guo jinyi / Han Guitian / Han jiashan / Hao Yueyu / Xin He / Huang Qianye / +run / Li Guo Xing / Li Jiamin / LiJiayu / LI JING / LI RUOXUAN / Li Wenyuan / Lee Yanjun / Jade / LiuChang / Liu Ye / Liu Yilang / Liu Zhengnan / Morpheus / Mao Yue / Nuomeneerdun / Vincent / peng xiunan / SUHANG / Jiayue Sun / Sun Rui / Jiayi Wang / Wang Qihang / Wang Weichen / WANG Xiaoding / Wang Yihan / WangZhen / Watanabe Tsuyuko / Ziyi Wei / Larry Wu / Xie Yuhao / Xu Qianwen / yuehan Xu / Jenny Yan / Harry / Yan Tongzheng / Yu Wencheng /  Yuncaixia / Yuan Yuhang / Hannah Zhang / Zeng Fengxuan / Tianjin Zhang / zhangwei / Zhang Xiaoyuan / Zhang Yiran / Yuyang Zhang /  Zhou BeiTe / jian / Zhou Xuanting / Zhou Zhe / Susan / Jiaqi Chai / Yanwei Hu /  Ji Bei / lalommm / Miaomiao Pan / Jiaxin Sun / Jianing Wang /  Luofan Yin / Qiyu Zhang / Zuoyuan Zhao

Opening: 2022.06.11 Sat. 3:00 P.M.
Dates: 2022.06.11-06.21
Venue: Enjoy · Art Museum Beijing
Address: B06 797 Rd, 798 art zone, Jiuxianqiao, Chaoyang Dist, Beijing


The graduates 2022 are historic.

It is no doubt to say that  the graduates this year are historic, They have experienced “there year of “COVID-19  epidemic”, they’re just grad to say “hello”, and it’s the time to say “goodbye”.

It wasn’t the only reason that they missed a lot of good memories from college, just like graduation season, sports meet, campus job fairs, and pompous Love, etc. And they have also experienced the historic changes in the global society, culture, economy, politics, environment and other fields brought from the "epidemic". Now they have to face a new indeterminate world. This is extremely challenging for a graduate who is about to participate in social work, perhaps they will have to re-examine the meaning of work, life and life in the future.

The knowledge and live experience of this kind of college students are unique, school education has become a part, and "social university" has become a new classroom. If the graduation exhibition is a report and summary of the school's educational achievements, so how should the report of the social university be summarized? These college students have only a limited time in school, often staying at home, isolating or staying in other places, and online teaching has become a routine. Between the small screens is their imagination of campus life, watching each other and imagining each other outside the screen what happened, and this kind of life is rarely experienced by college students in the past, such as: spending a long time with parents, learning to cook, reading books, surfing the Internet, caring about food and health, caring about the environment and death , watch the news all the time, keep reminding yourself not to be decadent, and keep your aspirations and aspirations. With such a long vacation, they have never experienced the expectation of starting school as much as they are looking forward to a vacation. What's more, some people study in the UK, but they graduate before they have been in the UK, and they jokingly call it a "correspondence university".

Faced with the helplessness of reality, two extreme emotions often change in a flash. Never been so desperate, yet so hopeful, so passive, must become active. So absurd, yet so realistic, so closed, yet so open, so real, yet so illusory...

It is a waste not to enjoy the good life, but it is a sin to not reflect on the suffering of reality. Maybe many years later, young people will be curious to ask: What did you experience in those days? Yeah, what kinds of keywords will be left behind? Whether it's the epidemic, online classes, or something else... But no matter what can be left, I hope to achieve real thinking and real memory. These college students are the youngest intellectuals in society, and they are the real practitioners of the future society. At the turning point of history, their thinking and expression are becoming more and more important.

This exhibition is composed by graduates from many universities, but unlike the graduation report exhibition in the school, it does not need to carry four years of learning summary and teaching results, and it is not presented by colleges and majors, but emphasizes The combination, collision and fusion of different majors in different institutions. This is just an exhibition of self-expression engaged by graduate identities. The works on display are not necessarily graduation creations. They can be created at any time and in any form during the university, and are not necessarily in the form of their majors. For example, students from the Department of Sculpture exhibit sound works, and students from the Department of English exhibit poetry theatre, the exhibition experimental film of the Department of Oil Painting, etc. The form of exhibition arrangement is not that each individual has the same exhibition line independently, but the area and position of the occupied space are determined according to the needs of the expression of the work, and group discussions are formed according to the relationship between content and form, and secondary creation is carried out, so that the work can be displayed in the new style. extension of meaning in the context of

I hope this exhibition can bring some consolation and thinking to the graduates. It has never been so long, and it has never been so rushed...., after graduation, "Hope to see you again"!

Written by Cheng Xi


Introduction  of Artists

Bai Yueyu 

Graduated from Academy of arts and design,

Tsinghua University 

The space created by the silver leaf is like the ground of rocks and white sand in the zen garden, a space that evokes memories yet misty. We can then observe the balanced order of nature, where change and constancy coexist equally.

Chen Mo  
Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts  

A video needs a carrier, and I create the carrier. Cut out the storytelling of each small piece, but together they make up what I think is a cultural idiosyncrasy.

Chen Yanchen  
Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts  
From February 2022 to now, I live alone in Beijing. Always feel a little dizzy.

 Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts  
No man is a desert island. The work faces is composed of 23 faces. These faces come from the author's parents, classmates, professional artists, gallery staff, art collectors and so on. They are in close contact with the author in the production process of this work.
“FACES”, 300x150x150cm,Steel Nylon latex wax fibe

Chiara Gasbarro  
 Graduated from Academy of Fine arts of Florence  
The concept of the rapid and fragmented passage of time, of the succession and transformation of space, finds expression in my work in photographs and videos. To see, to examine, to scrutinise carefully, to discover what is not apparent and superficial glance. Through the observation of space, physical and digital, the “Observations” project, of which the three “Portrait” videos are part, suggests an idea of temporality understood as an intimate dimension.

Observations: “Portrait”,4’33’’ ,1920x1080 ,2020-

Tong Chuai 
  Graduated from Academy of Fine arts of Florence 
The work explores identity, and “identity" reveals the relationship between individuals living in society and society. According to symbolic interactionism theory, the human self is derived from the various roles people play in society. People play different roles in society, which also determines people has different concepts of self. Different roles provide different role stipulations, so individuals can actually achieve a greater degree of self-meaning in different role-playing.

“Us”, 2’39’’ ,1920x1080,2021


 Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts  

flower flower flower flower flower flower flower

 Ding Xinyao  
 Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts   

In "One Hundred Years of Solitude", the scene of Buendía seeing ice cubes for the first time was mentioned many times. When he touched the ice cubes, he said in horror, "They are burning." The relationship generates thinking. At absolute zero, the moment seems to be eternal. I capture some of the instantaneous states of water in the transition between solid, liquid and gas, and use a narrow cubic space to connect stillness and rhythm, cold and warmth, to explore me. The most distant and most intimate relationships I have ever felt.

Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts  
Based on the graph of Yin-yang and Bagua of Taoist thought in China, abstract shapes and colors are extracted and mechanically rotated by superposition of color blocks. With the form and method of modernism and the language expression of abstract painting, this paper expounds the concept of Chinese traditional Taoism.


Franco Spina  
Graduated from Academy of Fine arts of Florence 

"The circus of the fly" is a performative project that arises not so much from a nihilistic idea linked to the renunciation of the search for meaning, as much as the declaration of a non-sense existential, subject to a perennial fluctuation in the dialectic of life-death, sex-violence, me-the other, inside-out. The crisis of the foundations and of the meta-narratives that the condition postmodern has generated, places us in front of a lucid vision and the devaluation of each horizon of meaning that is not atavistic drive, an act of survival. The fate of individual existence is in the hands of dark and unknowable forces, which they operate in an absurd and inscrutable way on the life of men.

"Circus of the Flies", 36’19”,video 1920x1080, 2020

Giacomo Donati  
 Graduated from  Academy of Fine arts of Florence  
The project takes place in Canneto (Tuscany), an abandoned village, investigating the human’s materialistic presence, product of entertainment and consumer society. The diners, grotesque cryptic puppets, begins a silent conversation, which leads to a self-destructive automatism: the flip side of comunication sees the individual losing himself in the relation with the object. The producer merged with the product.

 “Il muto colloquio / The silent conversation”,2’,1920x1080, 2021

Graduated from Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts  
Embracing the wind fire material selection can be seen everywhere in the daily express packing, after the material itself contains the use of abandoned bleak and desolate, show concern for human life and marginal groups, incomplete and fragmented represents life will eventually leave, dry pulp present hard texture symbol of tenacious vitality, is to explore the significance of the core, the respect of life.

Fire embracing the wind

Graduated from Academy of arts and design,
Tsinghua University  
A fantasy cult film created by the background of The dream of Red Mansion. In this film,Baoyu exists in the grand View Garden, which is his own organ. His blood nourishes the grand View Garden, and he began to doubt his own existence in this circular flat world. The red atmosphere from the red mansion increases Baoyu‘s Confusedness and anxiety. The film adopts the visual effects of the low-budget costume dramas from the 1980s.

Guo Hui  
College of Fine Arts, 
Capital Normal University 
Some truths can only be glimpsed in dreams. Although it is fragmented or absurd, they can glimpse into a person's subconscious self. That is untouched and not deliberately edited memory and imagination. It describes a process of exploration into a dream. A second thought incurs profound fear, but everywhere shows the rationality of the fantasy. What we seek is the wild nature that gets rid of complex reality. The natural insect sounds in our sleep attract us to seek and open up a real but illusory world. we want to explore carefully, however, everything in the dream changed unexpectedly, and when we look back, it has nothing. ——" Peeping into a Dream " ; 
Constructing shots and conveying feelings based on dream experiences does not intend to tell a complete story, but only to describe the unique experience of the dream itself, so as to trigger viewers to think about the illusion and reality they see in their eyes. Such as the colors and events in the dream, everything can have real images and emotions, but they seem to be illusory. This is the uniqueness of dreams, figurative but not real. A series of repetitions of simple events, happens in reality or in a dream? If it is in a dream, which layer of dreams is it? What does it represent? Different people have different opinions. ——" Which Layer of Dreams Is It "
" Peeping into a Dream "&" Which Layer of Dreams Is It ",  3’29’’,Video,1280x720,2021

Guo jinyi  
 Graduated from Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts  
Crazy people tied red flowers and danced like pile-drivers on the soft ground they found

"The Big Stage" ,19'42'',Video,1280x720,2021

 Han Guitian  
Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts  

The embroidery is a means to externalize my self-image, and the body symbols are the figurative carriers of emotions, freely building my understanding of "love" and "relationship" through the thread of the needle. The obverse and reverse sides of the works correspond to the relationship between the limited and the accidental, and the two sides of public and private, which are extended from the individual identity, are also gradually revealed.
“The Divine Material,Love”,35x35cm,Stitch,2022

Han jiashan  
 Graduated from Academy of arts and design,Tsinghua University 
An ancient light of 100000 years ago, passing through the red cliff, once chanted "hitting the sky and going back to the light"; Scattered over the mountain garden, we can see that "the shadow is thin, the water is clear and shallow"; Reflected day and night, he sighed that "the candle is full of light"... Fell on the wall, leaving a moment of star shadow. The creation of atmosphere is the "bone of beauty" externalized in the main body and contained in the style of the whole work. We only hope that we can leave immortal light and shadow art with fast decaying ink.

Long spring, late summer, autumn wind and warm winter

Hao Yueyu  
Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts  
I try to express a kind of life force that grows upward, a kind of spiritual power that is stable in the midst of changes. The color woodengraving , it is like the warm fertile soil that makes the imagination grow from nothing to something, and each time the carving marks and color overlay brings surprise. A carving knife pushes on a hard wood hundreds of times bigger than it is, like sailing on the ocean with a small oar, sometimes not sure of the course, you need to follow its inner shape and row line, but find a way to break free, like a constant dialogue with your heart.

"Growth Series I, II, III", watercolor, 2021  
"Hot Silence", "Origin" color woodengraving , 2022  Symbiosis, watercolor, 2021

Xin He  
Graduated from Academy of Fine arts of Florence  
When an object is damaged, it is not that the objects lose their function and identity, it may be that we lose the ability to see the function and identity of things. I'm looking for beauty in imperfect things, and I believe "beauty" is closely related to the "imperfection" of things. It is these flaws that generate a powerful narrative. I wanted to move in both directions to be able to create and destroy narratives at the same time.

“C a c o f o n i a”,4’47’’,1920x1080,2021

Huang Qianye  
  Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts  

A group of paintings and comic books

Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts  
I combined a treadmill and a loom, so that the running of the cat can drive the operation of the loom; Due to the adjustment of the reward mechanism, the curious movement of the cat gradually turned into the labor of obtaining food, toys and catnip . And it finally woven a long strip of cloth.

“How kitty works”,3H,video 

Li Guo Xing  
Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts  
For me, painting is an activity at the level of pure feeling. What I am interested in is to depict the ubiquitous things in life scenes. Through careful observation, communication, experience and development of them, I can present and deliver certain delicate emotions.

Li Jiamin  
Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts  
The work originates from thinking about the role of female members of origin, as well as the long-term and deep influence brought to me by these female members in the process of growth. It is hidden indesirable emotional surges under the appearance of calm. It is vague and warm, intertwined with pain and sweetness, from blooming to mud in the process of constantly chewing, trampling and ravaging...

“Femme Floret”,5‘34”,video,2022

 Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts  
During my life at home, I bought a lot of daily necessities through online shopping. The carton packaging of express delivery filled my life. On the other hand, it also limited everyone to their own space. My works try to express this life state. When we look at the inner space of the carton from another angle, we will find that there is a door through which we seem to convey the internal and external information, create a different space for people in spirit, and also experience the living space experience from the micro perspective.

Carton series works

 Graduated from Chinese National Academy of Arts 
All my abstract works are painted from nature, I paint all the accidental traces. The process of painting traces is to turn accidental and uncontrollable traces into controllable traces. However, various accidental factors in the painting process have incorporated uncontrollable factors into the controllable traces. Behind the process of switching between "controllable" and "uncontrollable", there is also a pre-formed schema. Whenever I feel that there is a difference between my work and the pre-formed schema, I will look for the "correspondence of the soul" by re-painting the whole or part of it again and again. Every time I repeat, I am exploring the relationship between reason and accident, the relationship between spectacle and nature. This kind of repetition, sometimes a continuous creation, sometimes a few years apart, I produce different paintings by reproduces the same object. Just like when I was a kid, I saw the waves beating on the beach again and again. The waves are different every time, while the beach is still that beach. In the end, I found that my work and the prefabricated schema will never reach eternal consistency. The meaning of repetition is to explore unknown possibilities, and the process of repetition is a process of speculation.

“Palette”, 146x114cm, acrylic on canvas, 2017-2020

Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts  
Disasters, plagues, wars, disasters and greed are devouring our world, prosperity and extinction, romance and withering, happiness and loneliness, life and death. The work is the reflection on the world we live in and the deep pain behind the beauty of life.

The Garden Of Pandora

Li Wenyuan  
Graduated from Central academy of fine arts  
this series of works takes the urban landscape as the starting point, mostly in the form of paper acrylic and oil painting collages, aiming to explore the relationship between cities and people and tap more vitality contained in contemporary urban theme paintings. The main feature of urban development is that a large area of buildings are separated by streets and developed in a cellular way, which makes the urban landscape have the characteristics of "tombstone urbanism". Repeated and row after row of buildings emerge in endlessly, and the buildings are separated by huge and continuous space, which makes the urban landscape present a broken form. The picture is presented in a way of switching between concrete and abstract, in which the city is either a real picture or an unrealistic one, that is, concrete and indistinguishable at the same time, which dispels the authenticity of the urban landscape and presents an unknown and psychedelic urban scene.

“Urban landscape” series,30cm × 30cm; 80cm × 60cm,oil painting on paper, acrylic,2020-2021

Lee Yanjun  
Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts  
There are all kinds of difficulties and accidents to deal with in life, which is a very normal thing, but after a long time, my body and mind will feel tired, it doesn't matter, you should have a rest if you're tired. I need to temporarily put aside the disturbance and sit still, and then record the moment that makes me feel at ease with painting like writing a diary, without any extra emotion or unrealistic fantasy. What I draw is a cup of water, then it is a cup of water, and I want to quietly face the emotions it brings to me at the moment.

2022You should have a rest if you're tired.

 Graduated from Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts  
Alice in Wonderland is a story that has always had a profound impact on me, and my work also takes this as an opportunity to show a fantasy world that is closely related to me. Rubik's cube, puppet man, fish and other elements have witnessed every stage of my childhood. The Rubik's Cube, which I could never figure out when I was a child, the puppet people I used to play with when I drew cartoons secretly, and the strange fish and seaweed that seaside people like most. My childhood was very happy, but not completely happy. The marionette also represents that my childhood was not completely free. I was just an ordinary child, and I was always constrained by something, but I didn't need to care about it.


Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts 


Liu Ye  
Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts  
In the era of 4k and 2k HD screens, low-definition, kitsch, and fast-produced junk images are also prevalent. I try to use the means of image transfer combined with minimal modeling skills to restore a real "digital area", trying to give a new way of viewing the garbage image.

Liu Yilang  
 Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts  
The overall design is a realistic animal made of recycled materials, which uses synaesthesia design techniques to form a product with a healing look that simulates the natural environment through different materials and lighting effects.
The visual persistence technology is mainly used. By recycling the strobe light plate on the coral support made of metal, combined with the vibration of the flower arrangement Jianshan chassis, the plants in the box appear to be swaying in the water. With the glass dragon in the box, the visual experience in the sea is brought to the land.

「H-u-l-o-w-e-r」 Plant light box,Variable specifications,Recyclable comprehensive materials (recycled glass, metal, wood, etc.) and electronic components (electromagnetic vibrator, strobe lamp)

Liu Zhengnan  
Graduated from Academy of Arts & Design,
 Tsinghua University  
Our life is now inseparable from online applications. Incentive mechanisms such as red envelopes, time-limited coupons, and loyalty points stimulate us to continuously use and consume with applications. Based on the above background, this work explores characteristics and inner pattern of the multiple visual scenes created by existing visual consumption symbols, then further shows my thoughts and reflections upon the rationality of incentive mechanisms applied in applications.

"The Pig of Loyalty Points", installation, book design, video, 2022

 Graguated from The Central Academy of Drama  
The work attempts to construct a conceptual model of "symmetrical spacetime". In our daily lives, the clock completes the indication of time through a symbol system composed of a fixed time scale and pointers that rotate at a uniform speed around the center; In this model, additional movements and control are introduced into the system, and the new order presented after the original symbology is constantly interfered with, which poses a new challenge to the effectiveness of a particular origin.

Mao Yue  
 Graguated from Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts  
This series of works is based on the experiment of "projection participating in spatial narration", which explores scars and empathy When an image is projected by light, it is real in space from the visual representation With the disappearance of projection, this virtual image experience will not leave a trace as the real experience, it will be as if it had never existed When we listen to and feel the sufferings of others, we seem to understand and have emotional fluctuations. But do we really feel the same? After a period of time, those gloomy experiences Erase from memory like a projection.

“Desolate As Water”,Giclee & Photography Book,2022

Graduated from Academy of Arts, 
Renmin University of China  
The original intention of this group of works starts from the attachment and worship to reproduction and motherhood, which can not be ignored once it is noticed, and runs through people's creative pedigree and spiritual context. This emotion can often be interpreted as the metaphysical concept of longing for knowledge, pursuing stability and the great unity. What I am trying to do is to connect the symbols of maternal worship with the visual feeling of the body trauma and the image of the land. At the same time, I quote the iron fence used by herdsmen to enclose the grassland as a concept with personal identity background color, so as to build up a place that can frame where I belong.

 Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts  
《Fables about ugliness》focusing on the ready-made public images in the city, I collected them as materials, explored the commonalities and the problems behind them, and started to create.    These architectural images, which exist objectively in the society, have strong surreal elements. A variety of "spectacle buildings" and shoddy "ugly buildings" are numerous in social scenes, and people have long been accustomed to such scenes and architectural paradigms. I want to strengthen this surreal landscape through the special language of copperplate, and in this way to show the power relationship and causes behind this "Aesthetic Alienation" and the impact of this aesthetic on human spirit.

"Fables about ugliness",300x60cm,etching

peng xiunan  
 Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts  
In today's society, we are confronted with multiple gazes. Everyone is under the gaze of others, and the identity of the gazeer and the gazeee is not fixed. The black hole is like a kind of gaze, you gaze at the black hole, the black hole is also gazing at you. To appreciate this work, the viewer needs to look at the black hole. In this way, the person being gazed at is guided to be brave enough to stare back. When you stare back, you will find that the black hole is a willow branch fluttering in the afternoon, a beautiful vibrancy, not horrible.

Look inside

 Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts

"Ah~", 30x40cm, Mixed material, 2022
"Das ist dieses Jahr, von dem man reden wird", 180x150cm,oil on canvas, 2022

Jiayue Sun  
 Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts
Founded by the Republic of Artificial Intelligence and actively engaged in cultural activities around the world, Deep Blue Institute was established in 2021. Our work is to promote human understanding of AI culture and engage in cultural teaching. In addition, it presents a colorful image of the Republic of Artificial Intelligence by introducing the culture, society and political life of the Republic of Artificial Intelligence.

"Deep Blue Institute" free size, 2021 - 2022

Sun Rui  
 Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts  
Wedding is the beginning of marriage and family. I take the old photos of my parents' wedding as the basic material for my creation. The visual memory in the old photos arouses my emotional resonance and is the entrance to my creation. Red is a warm color, which has many meanings in my paintings. A number of red-based pictures form a series of works to tell women's real psychological plight from the perspective of marriage with strong narrative factors.

Red II,150x160cm ,Oil painting on canvas,2022

Jiayi Wang  
 Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts  
This work is an experiment, which is related to definition. It will try to blur the boundary between sculpture and dolls.

"well-behaved" Resin, comprehensive material

Wang Qihang  
 Graduated from Academy of Fine arts of Florence  
The inspiration comes from the form of triptych in traditional European Christian art. I replaced the foldable panel in the triptych painting with a pizza box, which was particularly common during my study in Italy. Pizza is one of the most popular and cheapest local delicacies. Whenever I see these boxes, it always reminds me of the hunger caused by the shortage of supplies in those hard time during lock-down.In the special conditions,human's basic needs are magnified infinitely, things that are readily available in ordinary days become precious, the satisfaction of material life becomes the belief to overcome anxiety, and various gestures on the box suggest that the most ordinary things in daily life can also become sacred. What attracts me most about art is that it has the charm of turning stone into gold. 
Formally, it pays tribute to the work "wash feet" by artist Li Shan. The content more expresses personal inner feelings and psychological pain. I regard artistic creation as a way of healing.
——"wash feet"

"pizza",50cm × 50cm × 3,Painting installation、multi matierials, 2022             
"wash feet",1'10 ",Video duration 1080p 60 frames,2022

Wang Weichen 
Graduated from Academy of Arts, Renmin University of China  
About culture, trends, here and now, the essence of art. Socrates, whose body is covered by symbols, The relief of the monument looms, incarnating as a king of metal ruins. The philosopher's wish has never been realized, the boundary between seriousness and morality is blurred, and the relationship between us and the other is also measured as distance at present. Therefore, in the conflict between nature and man-made things, the behavior, vocabulary and effect are reduced to a ritual of sealing the air in a pop can.

"Pseudo idealism", "Sacrifice", "Relationship with everything that is necessary for being",“Untitled/1”,74×54cm, 2022

WANG Xiaoding  
 Graduated from Luxun Academy of Fine Arts  
The lost word-symbol ,reorganizes the picture images by the means of integrating the images of modern characters and deconstructing them again based on ancient characters as the basis of image elements, so as to produce seemingly familiar but strange character symbols, icons and new font design, intending to metaphor the alienation and estrangement brought by language and characters recreation in contemporary social culture, which leads to the decline of words and culture contained.

"The lost word-symbol",free size,Installation,2021

Wang Yihan  
 Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts  
Restless, quiet, and constantly in the midst of disorderly changes.Based on the state of people in helplessness and predicament, the work visualizes them as a quiet entrance to the spiritual world.


 Graduated from Academy of Arts, 
Renmin University of China  
“EXIST” is a set of copper plates. Through the traditional etching method, I present the process of a copper plate from "existence" to "disappearance". It takes roughly  37 days for a copper plate to go from complete to fragmented to nearly-disappearing under acid corrosion. How long does it take for us to disappear?

“EXIST”,30x30cm,copper plate etching,2021

Watanabe Tsuyuko
 graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts  
Locked into a reality where it is hard to move an inch, one's senses gradually become sharper than ever. Coming closer to everything and patiently observing, the fables of the past turn out to be the narratives of today, and we are always listening to and telling the same story again. 

Ziyi Wei 
 Graduated from Academy of arts and design,Tsinghua University  
The work is meant to frame a moment of life after a long death. They have swum vividly, glided and struggled for survival ...... but that is all they have ever been, the net is an end that cannot be escaped, the net is a testimony against fate.

Larry Wu  
 Graguated from Communication University of China  
This immature work is a record of my emotional state during a period of time. The story is very simple. In a rainy night, the old house that the protagonist  lives  was dampened by the water that leaks into the house.   Because of the leakage, some objects from his girlfriend Mingming which had lost in unknown corners was brought out by the leaked water. As the increase of the water,  the memories, dreams, or ghost penetrates his reality gradually. Gaston Bachelard has wrote all the imagination about this material, water,  in "Water and Dreams”; death, mirror love, motherhood, memory, desire, dream, all mixed in the elements of water. The person who emerged from the water is a wandering ghost or another ego of the protagonist, the desire transformed body shape or the memory’s residual shadow.


Xie Yuhao  
Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts  
The work is fascinated by the vague and restrained in sense of distance between people and things, and attempts to fight against the real world through dizzy memories.

Xu Qianwen  
 Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts  
Nature makes creatures take risks, beings exist, they are adventurers from beginning to end. Adventure is sometimes a dangerous game, and seagulls soar through nature based on their own will, looking for different things. Curious, impulsive, feeling everything around you in amazement. They provoke and redefine the rules on the water, like kneading fantasy prose, power, desire, and social relations are rolled up in the surrealistic turbulence.

yuehan Xu  
 Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts  
Jade has a special symbolism in China. The work reflects the symbolism of jadeite jade today from the changes of the three historical identities of "God jade, Wang jade and people jade" in Chinese jade culture. In the creation of jade as the main body of identity transformation, yellow jade and green jade are used to replace the jade ritual vessels in history. Jadeite has become a marginal material to build identity myths and virtual historical stories, so as to show the theme of "identity migration" of art jewelry. Based on the historical view, the shaping and presentation of contemporary individual identity is diverse.


 jade, metal, mirror ,Variable size

Jenny Yan  
 Graduated from Tianjin Academy Of Fine Arts  
The subject matter is taken from the statues of the twenty-eight constellations of the Jade Emperor Temple in Jincheng, Shanxi Province. After the elements of the statues are extracted and transformed, the work is unfolded in the form of a dinner party, turning the twenty-eight constellations elements into dishes on the dining table, reflecting the consumption of the moment.  Traditional cultural phenomenon, the gods and Buddha statues that people worshipped in the past have become cultural relics. Just like Hanfu, they have been transformed into a kind of consumer goods in the era of commodity economy.Hat accessories, which have now been transformed into jewelry products on the market.

The banquet of constellations

 Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts  


——《back in 5》

《生活的爱》、《back in 5》130x100cm,150x105cm,布面丙烯,2022

Yan Tongzheng  
 Graduated from Academy of Fine arts of Florence  
In the experiment of this scheme, the metaphysical painting style of Morandi and De Chirico is mainly imitated, and the conflict and integration of digital logic and perceptual art culture are displayed in the output products.

"The city of flowers",Experimental resolution,1280 x 768 ,experimental medium   

Yu Wencheng  
  Graduated from Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts  
Large numbers of frogs were crushed to the ground. people walk over his soft body.The work interacts with the audience, gives  a different feeling with people.transfers space to the ground and expresses the self-deprecating lying down of rat race society through the ceiling.


 Graduated from Renmin University of China School of Arts 
My work is basically a copper engraving, and trace creation is a major feature of my printmaking work. Through lines, picture composition and traces, it shows its diversified emotional colors. The work explores the space in the visual image through black and white language. The "Home" series of works is the opposite view of the family from the perspective of children, extending to the state of individuals in the collective environment in society, and trying to explore the established cultural phenomena of identity and human nature in society.

Both Copperplate Printing,2021

Yuan Yuhang  
 Graduated from Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts  
When confusion and restlessness fill up life, picking up a camera is the best way to save oneself. I try to transform my sensual experience of walking on the city streets into a visual language, without caring about the subject matter or topics deliberately. I challenge the traditional documentary method by using the perspective of following the body's walking dynamics to capture the "fragmented" reality in the city. I try to rearrange these "memory fragments" and find the relationship and rhythm between images. Generate a unique visual language ("reality" fragments). To induce new contexts.

"The Third Eye",45×60cm,Photography art micro spray & 21×14cm,Photography Books,2022

Hannah Zhang  
 Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts  
The work uses an image organization method similar to pop splicing, with the aid of photographic prints. It studies various forms of water in the pool, showing the moment before people are about to emerge from the water for breathing. Just like many of life's forbearance, hard work and dormancy, the most beautiful moment is the most depressing time before breaking the realm. The surrounding environment is rich in obscure changes, and the self's mood and perception of the outside world are intertwined, both illusory and real. But all of them reveal the sweetness of carrying suffering and the beauty of when clouds clear.

“Limbs Aesthetics”“Before Rising To The Surface”“Broadway”, free size,2020-2022

Zeng Fengxuan  
 Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Art  
The book serves as the guide book of "definition of meaning" . Mind Changeology, re-questioning the meaning of words and symbols, the discourse in the book serves as a "reference" metaphor for thinking patterns. The complex and fragmented image pieces filled the video,which interacted with the audience by being not understand the work. The panic and anxiety brought about by this uncertainty make the guiding program "Change Your Mind" join the dialogue between the video and the audience , in order to decipher the information. The tripartite game among thebook, video and the audience discusses the possibility of constantly thinking about the definition of meaning outside the original context.   The definition of meaning is abstract, and what we expect is a concrete representation of meaning.  "What's the point of this matter?", does the question make sense?  If so, who gave it meaning?  What if a thing was given meaning but changed instead?  If everything can change one's mind, what's the point of giving meaning?  This is exactly what this work explores.

“My Mind Has A Change of Heart” ,(video) 4’35’’ ;(book) 145 ×  200×24.5mm,512 pages,Mix Media,2022 

 Tianjin Zhang  
 Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts  
The work comes from the feeling of life under the epidemic situation, using the color energy to express the“Vitality temperature” and record the trace of the existence of life.

"ZOETIC",123x58x1cm,156x77x1cm,transparent acrylic,epoxy resin,vitrail,2022

 Graduated from Academy of Arts &Design,
Tsinghua University  
The work is made of wool fiber material through wet felting process. According to the physical characteristics of wool material and the unique advantage of wet felting,the hard and rugged natural landscape is represented. It has a seemingly hard shape,but it actually has a soft and touchable core, in order to express the contradiction between the external and internal life in nature.

 Dissolve,120cmx8cm;100cmx6cm,wool wet felt,2022

Zhang Xiaoyuan  
 Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts  
Science represents extreme rationality. Human image has been transformed into pixels and data under precision instruments. At a time when science and technology are closely integrated with human life, AI's interpretation of nature is more accurate, but it also lacks temperature. I use screen vision to interpret people and explore the sense of alienation between people representing natural creation and machine perspective representing human creation.


Zhang Yiran  
 Graduated from Renmin University of China School of Arts 
“Atom” is the smallest particle already known in the three-dimensional world, but there are no atoms in two-dimensional space because their make-up atomic nucleus and electron are unstable in the space. A two-dimensional world isn’t comprised of atoms but of matters still secret from us. Though dimensions cannot be observed in fact, to my understanding, I created an environment where two dimensions can be observed, and information can be exchanged through an artistic combination of graphic painting and ready-made articles. Two dimensions are interconnected in this equal world. The world is neither two-dimensional nor three-dimensional, so I call it Two and A Half.

"Two and A Half" ,multiple size, Acrylic,Board,2021

Yuyang Zhang  
 Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts  
Deconstructing and interpreting a Midsummer Night's Dream in 2222 from a futuristic perspective, the work raises questions about the ever-deepening symbiotic relationship between humans, technology and nature. Different from the poetic natural landscape described in the original work, in that time when the natural ecology has been destroyed, plants have become objects of worship, and a romantic and desolate absurd drama is being staged in the absence of human beings.

Zhou BeiTe  
 Graduated from Central Academic of Fine Art  
Painting is a very interesting thing, is a process of blending the pigments on one plane and then transferring to another plane, the relationship between the palette and the picture is actually mutual, so you can't say that the picture is not the palette of the palette, and the palette is the picture that is tuned out with the picture as the palette. After the Alive(original version) , I tried to use the Alive(interchangeable version) to complete the transformation of the relationship between these two planes.

 Graduated from The central Academic of fine Art  
Man comes from nature and eventually returns to nature. Things in nature in different time and space gradually become harmonious. Each of us in different moments of life to experience, is to walk or stay, accompanied or alone. I focus on recording the feelings that touch me instantly with the language of painting, which is both tender and profound. People's different figure, different posture from the nature to give, will eventually return to nature.

Oil on canvas

Zhou Xuanting  
 Graduated from Renmin University of China School of Arts 
This series of works comes from the author's feelings about obsession of cleanliness and his exploration of the concept and causes of this obsession. Obsession of cleanliness is often regarded as a fear of dirty things, but there is no clear definition between dirty and clean. If something is generally regarded as unclean, it cannot be regarded as the typical sensuality of cleanliness obsession, which indicates that the dirty perceived by sensory experience is not the same as a cleanliness addict. People who suffer from cleanliness obsession constantly suspect and feel that what is generally considered clean in the environment is dirty and untouchable. The formation of this kind of thinking mode has both congenital genetic factors and acquired influences: when a person contacts a thing, he/she will make a judgment of whether it is clean or not based on his visual, tactile and other experiences. And then the negative feedback of the senses will be related to the unclean. When something is repeatedly perceived and judged as unclean, this correlation will be gradually strengthened, and finally a thinking mode will be formed. The works try to show the formation process of the obsession of cleanliness in the form of plural, and presents a world in the eyes of those who suffer from it.
 “Tables,Chairs and doorhandles”,variable size,interactive installation,2022

 Zhou Zhe  
 Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts  
The work revolves around "events". I try to use the reactions of the same character in different situations to show a series of states produced by people under the same "event". Familiar green belts, white houses and play equipment with unknowns. Everything that seems safe will have uncertain and unexpected risks, and we will all be caught in this chain reaction cycle triggered by "events". The scene like day and night blurs the concept of time in the narrative of the picture, and the entanglement of white smoke makes fear, escape, acceptance, and staring into our habits and daily life.

"Nearby Smoke: In Anaxagoras’ night", 255x255cm ,acrylic on canvas,2022

Graduated from The Central Academy of Drama  
Remember that we are animals, Always searching between heaven and earth, Repeat, repeat, My mouth is covered with toner grease that is harmless to the sand, The creatures of the earth will come and enjoy them, Lips covet the kiss of the earth, My body also left traces of red, It is no longer warm among the ruins, Tears blur the dome, Body tired into its own region.


Jiaqi Chai  
 Graduated from Minzu University of China Academy of fine arts  
In the obscure passage between reality and memory, our thoughts can reach their immortal homeland. The tide ebbs, the tide flows. The sense of reality falls apart in the blink of an eye. Everything is stripped off the facade, entering an ideological space beyond description through the image of senses. The video consists of 2 chapters, with burning and goldfish as the thread respectively, which explores the possibilities of Love, Fantasy, Death, and my reflection and exploration of the concept of human. Everyone is staring, and in turn, everyone is stared at.

“BLANK” Still Frame, color, sound,4’00”,2022

Yanwei Hu  

 Graduated from Minzu University of China Academy of fine arts  
The short day never ends.
Our moments are made up of countless memories of childhood, youth, and adulthood, Gilles Louis Réné Deleuze says.  Spectacle and social identity are constantly intertwined, and language is repeated until it dissolves...
 The Spectacle is silent, and all things are doomed to no answer.

“Allegory of the Spectacle” Still Frame, color, sound,3’00”,2022


Ji Bei  
 Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts  
My home downstairs is wanton growth of grass is the only place, to I walk my dog every day from the beginning of 2020 the outbreak began, village of multiple exports were iron seal, which originally belongs to the road of green space neglected, the layout after the morning glory climbs higher, is covered in an higher tree, small delicate plants have been consumed by them These untended shrubs are full of life and a barbaric gesture that I capture and draw them.

"Savage growth", 28.7x20.1cm,film  laser print,2021

 Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts  
“the match man series with earphones” are talking about that there're difficulties and entanglements to be experienced in people lives,wishing that people can firmly on being themselves when they are facing difficulties, not to be disturbed by outside, and face the various forms of life.

the match man series with earphones

Miaomiao Pan  
 Graduated from Minzu University of China Academy of fine arts  
「Différance」A temporary habitat, a strange and poetic imagination, instability and variability throw up an immature space of Dureé. Tighten, drag, dissociate, sever, twine , reconnect…

“Différance”,104×47cm,Installation photography,2022

Jiaxin Sun  
Graduated from Minzu University of China Academy of fine arts   
From carved in stone, to painting and installation, this is the innovation also is a kind of "wear", inheriting the memory of wear for many years, the story in people's memory slowly changing, transforming, broken items can be replaced, but carved stone standing with ancient story, only presents slowly be ground flat edges and corners. The wear and tear of the rock, the degradation of the plastic, slowly wear away over the years along with the memory they carry.


Jianing Wang  
 Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts  
During my four years in college, through outsourcing illustration work, I gained a deep understanding of the industry's processes. In my graduation creation, I participated in the operation of the entire chain as a "contractor". By outsourcing tasks and signing contracts, several chains of exploitation, almost tacitly, are presented throughout the work. The contractual relationship and the phenomenon of exploitation that exist in the work chain are woven into it as material. A performance and analysis of the "exploiters" will be presented to everyone.
"Foreman", 3‘18”,video, performance records


Luofan Yin  
 Graduated from Minzu University of China Academy of fine arts  
Either does IT buried itself in the public space of the city, Or prostrate itself. Like ME ,walking into one city after another from town, trying to find my own place in a strange land as a disciplined person.

“The Rangeland”,60x80.8cm,Sculpture photography,2022

Qiyu Zhang  
 Graduated from Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts  
People never stop exploring caves, even though each progress is very limited. After going through the exploration day after day and year after year, they will eventually acquire new understanding of the mystery and the unknown.

Zuoyuan Zhao  
Graduated from Minzu University of China Academy of fine arts 
"Our own body is in the world as the heart is in the organism: it keeps the visible spectacle constantly alive, it breathes life into it and sustains it inwardly, and with it forms a system. "- Maurice Merleau-Ponty The body is a perfect central structural system, carrying invisible wings in an almost perfect axial symmetry, which enables people to run towards dreams, freedom and hope.

"The Unbearable Lightness of Being" ,200x70cmx3,
Comprehensive material painting,2022
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